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TUFTS by Kravet Carpet features beautiful hand-tufted designs made from semi-worsted New Zealand wool, viscose, bright nylon or a blend, offering the highest quality in texture and resilience. With designs ranging from graphic geometrics to luxurious neutrals, TUFTS offers a variety of styles, comprised of collections by some of today’s top designers, custom made to your specifications in Thailand and India.


Hand-tufted in Thailand, the 17 new styles in Modern Luxe TUFTS offer limitless customization options in color and size, in combinations including New Zealand wool and bright nylon and wool and viscose. The soft blues, warm mauves, glimmering golds and silvers shine with a stunning sheen created from hints of bright nylon. Often compared to the high-sheen of viscose, bright nylon is 100-percent durable and repels stains just like wool. It’s also a great alternative to wool when accommodating allergies. Search Modern Luxe TUFTS Carpets
Modern Luxe TUFTS offers Color Tekk capabilities, which simulates the fibers, colors and textures of a customized rug before it is created. Visit to indulge your creativity and create a completely customized carpet.


Barbara Barry Tonal Textures


Nature and its elegant shadings have a calming influence