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The Tibetan Collection for Kravet Carpet introduces new designs inspired by natural surfaces, patinas and aerial views. An herbal chrome-based dye is used to manipulate how the yarn accepts color, which allows higher levels of gradation in the Tibetan wool. These custom carpet designs are fashionable and sophisticated and meticulously woven in the true tradition with Tibetan wool at 100 knots per square inch in Nepal. Hand woven exclusively from the finest Tibetan wool and Indian silk, the Tibetan Carpet collection is available in range of exclusive colors and patterns, with custom options available for a truly unique heirloom carpet.

Malene B.

World traveler, carpet designer, and culture enthusiast Malene Barnett – better known by her brand name Malene B – introduces an innovative and worldly perspective at Kravet Carpet. Infused with her globally-inspired personal style, Malene's custom Tibetan carpet collection for Kravet is hand-knotted in Nepal using a unique weaving technique, resulting in bold patterns, graphic texture and a sophisticated viewpoint. The collection is bursting with island flavor and free-flowing, organic pattern. Search Malene B. Carpets