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Andrew Martin is a UK luxury interiors brand that distributes a wide range of fabrics, wallpapers, furniture, and home accessories worldwide. Founded in 1978, the renowned British brand is a global authority in the interior design world.
Andrew Martin's philosophy is to celebrate travel as "the great luxury of our generation", which affords us the opportunity of discovering and blending flavors and ideas from around the globe. Of his passion for Fusion Interiors, Founder Martin Waller says: "It is a recipe for elegant living, simple but eclectic propositions, fusing ideas from many different cultures. It inspires designs upon the home which provide a sense of escapism and pleasure similar to the experiences of travelling."
Kravet offers the eclectic, multilayered and easy-living style of celebrated UK home furnishings brand Andrew Martin to U.S. designers. Through this exclusive partnership, eight Kravet showrooms offer customers access to the complete line of Andrew Martin fabrics and wallpapers: Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Dania, Los Angeles, New York City D&D Building, San Francisco, and Washington DC.
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