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SNOWHAVEN.16 W3297.11 T30714-116  33944-130 T30715.16 T30719.11 HDW20475.1616 Chalet Wooden Drapery Hardware Group (Color #16)
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CHALET, Barbara Barry’s new collection of fabric, trimmings, drapery hardware and wallpaper for Kravet, is based on her love of the Austrian Alps, where rustic meets refinement. Rendered in the soft colors of Edelweiss, alpine streams and winter grays, CHALET offers chic simplicity to layered formality. The collection ranges from perfect plains and pretty patterns, to exquisite embroidered and elegant trims. Dress up your cabin-inspired interior in wool and cashmere, felt and fur, or keep it spare and modern with touches of trim and antler drapery hardware accents.


Acclaimed designer and tastemaker Barbara Barry introduces Beautiful Broadloom for Kravet Carpet. Marked by delicate patterns and a soft, tonal color palette, the Beautiful Broadloom wall-to-wall collection offers floorcovering that acts as a sophisticated canvas for the overall design scheme. With a feeling of warmth and luxury, these carpet designs offer a modern viewpoint on a classic flooring option. The velvet, wool, and nylon blends provide resiliency and durability for these timeless designs.

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  1. Wallpaper: W3297-11; Drapery panel: Snowhaven-16, Trim: T30719-11; Bench: AC12B54 PN, Fabric: 33905-1611, Trim: T30725-1106; Pillows left to right: 33944-11, Trims: T30716-11; T30713-11; Front fabric: 33909-1611, Back fabric: 33933-1611, Trim: T30719-111,
    Fabric: 33920-11, Trims: T30725-1106, T30718-1106, T30721-11, Throw: Front Fabric: 33723-11, Back Fabric: 33944-11, Trim: T30715-1106
  2. Trims clockwise from top left: T30718-630, T30715-630, T30720-1615, T30719-11, T30713-11, T30716-11, T30719-11, T30718-1106, T30715-1106, T30715-16, T30717-16, T30721-11, T30713-111, T30714-106
  3. Drapery panel: Idyllwild-316; Chair: H3812-D, Fabric: 33918-1116, Trim: T30715-16, Ottoman: BH20-O, Fabrics: (Top) L-Davos-Oatmeal, (side) 33923-1616; Lampshade Trim: T30721-1; Pillows: 33944-130, Trim: T30717-16; 33915-1, Trims: T30718-16, T30725-16
  4. Drapery hardware: HDW20475-1611, HDW20475-6611