Gaston Y Daniela Gaston Y Daniela
Gastón y Daniela is one of the most important fabric houses in the Spanish high-end textile industry. Offered in the U.S. through Kravet, luxury collections by Gastón y Daniela include an array of opulent textures, colors and styles that combine to create cohesive, sophisticated interiors.
Tierras - Inspired by different periods and places in the Spanish history, each motif in Gaston y Daniela’s Tierras collection is based on a blend of influences, though all of them have been designed to capture the geometric pattern and distinctive color scheme typical of Spanish tiles. The new collection features re-workings of historical elements taken from the decorative arts as well as inspiration from the 1960s pop art aesthetic.


Gaston Y Daniela | Madrid


A cohesive color palette of opulent shades ranging from auburn and crimson to aquamarine and navy
Gaston Y Daniela | Lorenzo Castillo II


Castillo’s signature motifs and penchant for antiques are evident through the reimagining of classic designs