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For its fifth fabric collection with Kravet, the Museum of New Mexico tells the story of its unique place as a crossroads of international trade and culture through fabrics adapted from the Museum's renowned textile, basketry and ceramic collections. Inspiration for these modern interpretations of traditional designs was drawn from two of the Museum of New Mexico’s four cultural institutions. Richly colored small-scale patterns and embroideries from India, Africa, and Europe in the world renowned 25,000-piece textile and dress collection at the Museum of International Folk Art define the unique quality of the collection. While graphic and modern elements adapted from Native American textiles, basketry and ceramics from the Museum of Indian Arts & Culture expand the scope, dimension and texture to the collection.
Color inspiration came from diverse mediums such as pottery, textiles and cut paper patterns resulting in array of vivid colors that mimic the crisp blue sky, the red earth and an array of the complementary hues, both hot and cool, so often identified with the beautiful Santa Fe landscape. This eclectic ensemble of fabrics embodies Santa Fe’s creative approach to living - collected, worldly and modern.
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