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  1. Anya Side Tables, Set Of 3 QR-20968.WHTANTBRSS.0
  2. Athlone Side Table QR-22188.IVRYBRSS.0
  3. Maddox MADDOX/13
  4. Ellipse
    Ellipse ICT601-2
  5. Pavonia Table, Multi Options
    Mix & Match
  6. Caldwell Table, Multi Options
    Mix & Match
  7. Alden Side Table QR-20853.DRKGRYGLD.0
  8. Conklin Side Table
    Home Office
    Conklin Side Table QR-20852.ANTBRASS.0
  9. Barnet End Table QR-23105.DRKGRAY.0
  10. Sylvan Side Table QR-23051.SAND.0
  11. Orson ORSON/18
  12. Alexandria Side Table, Brass
    Home Office
  13. Cayuga Side Table QR-20844.WHTWSHGLD.0
  14. Sheldrake Side Table
    Home Office
    Sheldrake Side Table QR-20845.CHRCLBRS.0
  15. Balin Side Table, White
    Home Office
    Balin Side Table, White QR-20964.WHTBRWN.0
  16. Lois Side Table
    Home Office
    Lois Side Table QR-20963.WHTNCKL.0
  17. Balin Side Table, Black
    Home Office
    Balin Side Table, Black QR-20965.BLKANTBRSS.0
  18. Keller Side Table QR-21715.BLONDEWD.0
  19. Grace Side Table QR-21359.CANEMATT.0
  20. Longmont Side Table QR-22040.BRSSWHT.0
  21. Garner Side Table QR-21716.BLONDEWD.0
  22. Jethro Table QR-20245.BRONZE.0
  23. Jethro Table QR-20245.BLONDEWD.0
  24. Kawaii End Table QR-19507.WLNTBRASS.0
  25. Provost Table, Multi Options
    Mix & Match
  26. Myrtle Table, Multi Options
    Mix & Match
  27. Monmouth Table, Multi Options
    Mix & Match

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For more than 25 years, Kravet Furniture has offered custom, bench made-in-America styles to designers. Today, the collection has expanded to include furniture for every room in the home, ranging from traditional to modern designs and everything in-between.