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Default payment terms are Proforma. Terms of NET THIRTY DAYS from date of invoice require a credit review and approval. Shipments are F.O.B. Anderson, S.C., or F.O.B. Poole, England.


Pricing for trade accounts only can be found online at Prices are subject to change without notice. All shipping and special processing charges are additional.


When placing an order be sure ALL information is provided, including pattern name or number, color, all shipping instructions and sidemarks.

If an exact color match is required, please request a cutting of present stock for approval (CFA) or send a cutting to be matched.

Color variations often cannot be avoided from one dye lot to another.

Time can be saved if you specify the end use for which the fabric is intended; and if it is for draperies, please specify the lengths needed.

Please make a note for Multiple Width Draperies-Fabric, unlike paper, is not a completely stable substance; therefore it cannot be guaranteed when it is printed, the pattern will invariably be completely “square” upon the cloth.

Although every effort is made when printing to avoid distortion, occasionally it will exist. Therefore, when planning multiple-width draperies, please make certain, BEFORE CUTTING, that pattern alignment is adequate to produce a satisfactory end result.


For those items that are eligible for orders of less than 2 yards, an additional processing fee will be applied.

Please specify shipping instructions if a particular carrier is preferred. If no instructions are provided, shipments will be routed by the carrier we deem most expedient.


When inquiring about an order always be sure to reference the pattern name and number, color and yardage required.


Reserves placed on fabric will be honored for 7 calendar days. Pro-Forma fabrics will be held for 14 calendar days.

Cuttings for approval (CFA) will be held for 14 calendar days after being sent from our warehouses.


Memorandum samples are available on loan upon request. It is a Decorative Fabric Association requirement that memo samples be returned within thirty days. A pre-paid return envelope is provided with each memo shipment.


No returns for Fabric, Trimming or Wallcovering will be accepted without a written return authorization from Kravet Inc.

Return authorization requests must include the invoice number, date of invoice and reason for the return. All requests for return and credit must be made within 30 days of the invoice date.

Fabric cannot be returned for credit after it has been cut. Yardage must be inspected for flaws and correctness of pattern, color, quantity and quality.

Fabric cannot be returned for credit if it has been processed by the purchaser in any way.

No returns or cancellations will be accepted on any custom product or special order items once the order is in production.

Since color variations often cannot be avoided from one dye lot to another, we will not issue a credit for dye lot variations. If an exact match is required, please request a reserve and cutting of current stock for approval prior to shipping.

Kravet Inc. cannot be responsible for damages to fabric, carpet or furniture that occurs in transit, storage and delivery. All shipments are F.O.B. Warehouse.

Any authorized returns for 1st quality merchandise or any refused shipments are subject to a 25% restocking fee and all freight charges.

Merchandise Credits are non-transferrable and may not be redeemed for cash or applied as a payment to any account. Except as otherwise required by law, merchandise credits expire twelve (12) months from the date on which such credit is first issued.


Fabrics are not guaranteed against color fading, shrinkage or wear.

Fabric widths and repeats may vary.

Fabrics used as draperies, when held against light, cannot be guaranteed to be free of visible flaws.

Few fabrics are completely stable. Stretching or shrinking may occur as a result of fabric breathing and thereby absorbing moisture. A 2% - 3% change is reasonable.


The addition of topical and backcoating treatments to any fabric can change the color, hand or performance. Kravet Inc. will not accept responsibility for any fabric that has been processed by an outside finisher.

Please order an additional 1 yard, per cut, to ensure sufficient return after working loss.


In accordance with the provisions of the Flammability Act, the products listed in the price list are not intended for use in the manufacture of wearing apparel.

A continuing guarantee under the Textile Fiber Products Identification Act is filed with the Federal Trade Commission.


IN CONSIDERATION of Kravet Inc. extending credit to the applicant, in order to facilitate the purchase of Kravet Inc. products, the undersigned applicant/account holder agrees to the following terms and conditions of sale:

CREDIT LIMIT If approved by Kravet Inc., the applicant will be assigned a Credit Limit, which is subject to periodic revisions as Kravet Inc. deems necessary.

SALES TAX By law, Kravet Inc. and its subsidiaries is required to collect sales tax in any state or jurisdiction where we have a corporate office and/or showroom or may otherwise be doing business. Sales tax charges are based on the state or jurisdiction the orders are shipped to, and not the state or jurisdiction the business resides in. Customers who provide us with a valid resale tax certificate are not charged sales tax when goods are shipped into that state. By entering into a Terms and Conditions agreement with Kravet Inc., you acknowledge and agree that you are responsible for being in compliance with all applicable state and federal laws, including responsibility for paying all applicable state and local taxes imposed on the distribution/sales of any applicable products. You also acknowledge and agree that you are required to provide a State Resale Certificate or Exemption form to Kravet Inc. at to be considered tax exempt in a specific state or jurisdiction. Kravet Inc. and its subsidiaries is not responsible for those taxes that you are legally required to pay or collect from consumers at the point of sale. Kravet Inc. does not warrant the operation and validity of the resale certificate. It is your responsibility to provide Kravet Inc. with a valid and appropriate “Resale Tax Exemption Certificate”, to demonstrate under applicable law that products sold and delivered to you are delivered for resale in the ordinary course of business and therefore not subject to sales or other applicable tax, if any at the time of sale from Kravet Inc. to you.

RETURNED PAYMENTS- A service charge of $35.00 will be applicable for any returned check or ACH/Electronic Payment transaction.

REVOCABILITY When invoices are past due, or if the applicant’s account has reached its assigned Credit Limit, Kravet Inc., at its own discretion, retains the right to hold shipments pending payment. Kravet Inc. may also place the applicant on Proforma or other cash terms for failure to pay within terms.

LITIGATION In the event of any litigation arising out of this agreement, the applicant agrees to pay all reasonable attorney fees and other costs of collection.

WAIVER The failure of Kravet Inc. to enforce any provision of this agreement does not waive Kravet Inc.'s rights to enforce the remaining provisions of this agreement.

STATE LAWS This Credit Agreement will be governed by the laws of the State in which credit is extended.


Toll Free Customer Service 800.645.9068 Fax 800.221.6981
250 Crossways Park Drive Woodbury, New York 11797
516.293.2000 Fax 516.293.2737
1500 Highway 29 South Anderson, SC 29626
864.231.6000 Fax 800.221.6981

Furniture Terms & Conditions

Guarantees: Under Normal Wear and Tear Conditions of the original owner

  • Kravet Design and Kravet SMART frames are guaranteed for life
  • Kravet Edge frames are guaranteed for 5 years.

Terms of Payment

  • 50% deposit required before production will be initiated
  • Balance due 10 days prior to shipment or ship date will be postponed until the balance is received.


  • F.O.B. North Carolina or California and are exclusive of freight and delivery
  • Subject to change without notice


Orders are not placed into production until all fabrics, trimmings and diagrams if required are received and fabrics are backed (if necessary), at the factory. COM must be able to be identified and connected to an order in order to process, sidemark to include Kravet order number.


Kravet Furniture strives to be in stock at all times and is not responsible for issues beyond its control.


Dimensions will vary within reason and will change depending on the fabric applied.


  • Delivery only to a functional receiving dock
  • Carrier must be specified
  • Freight is collect unless prepaid as part of our prepaid delivery program
  • Kravet Furniture is not responsible for delivery delays beyond our control
  • Orders will not be scheduled for pick up or shipment unless balance due is paid 10 days prior to the ship date


Net $50 per week after scheduled ship date.


Cancellations are not accepted once the order has been accepted.


No returns are allowed without prior written authorization from Kravet.


  • Please contact the Kravet Customer Advocacy Department at 1-800-648-5728 ext: 2485.
  • Please provide a photo and a description to the Kravet Customer Advocacy Department.
  • Payment for unauthorized repairs will not be accepted.

Freight Claims

Kravet Furniture ships F.O.B. North Carolina and California and cannot be responsible for damages which occur in transit, storage or delivery. For assistance in filing your freight claims, please contact the freight carrier.


All orders are taken subject to acceptance by Kravet Furniture and our formal acknowledgement stating the terms, correct prevailing prices and certain conditions of sale. It is the client’s responsibility to ensure that the acknowledgement is correct.

Standard Packing

All Kravet Furniture is packed to industry standard requirements.



  • All Kravet and Lee Jofa Fabrics that are suitable for upholstery are graded into all Kravet Furniture.
  • Kravet Edge: Kravet Fabrics that are suitable for upholstery can only be graded in.
  • Some Kravet fabrics are not suitable for use as upholstery. These fabrics are not “graded in.” If such fabrics are still used as upholstery then they must be purchased separately and will be treated as a COM fabric.


  • Kravet Design fabrics are applied in a fully 4 way horizontal and vertical match based on an up the bolt direction.
  • Kravet SMART and Kravet Edge fabrics are applied up the bolt in a flow match method for the most pleasing match. Kravet Fabrics will be applied as swatched.


  • All Kravet Fabrics are inspected before they are shipped to the factory and again on receipt at the factory. If there is a defect we will correct immediately and advise the customer only if there is an issue affecting the order’s timeliness.
  • COM fabrics if pulled from production will be returned to the customer for replacement.


  • Fabrics not suitable for upholstery will not be guaranteed for appearance or durability.
  • Kravet cannot guarantee any fabric for wear or durability.


Plaids: Add 10% after calculation
Stripes: Use the horizontal repeat

Repeat Chart

The chart above covers most fabric repeats. However, unusual patterns will require additional fabric - i.e., halfdrops, sidedrops and borders. If your fabric (Kravet or COM) requires additional yardage to produce the most pleasing match, we will contact the customer for the additional yardage.

Images are meant to be a representation of the furniture frames. Actual product may vary based on chosen customization and fabric selection.

Carpet Terms & Conditions


  • It is the client’s responsibility to ensure they are ordering the correct size, style and color.

Terms of Payment

  • Payment in full for any in stock rug required
  • 50% deposit for any rug on back order
  • Full payment due before shipping


  • Orders are not placed into production until a 50% deposit has been collected.


  • As with any handcrafted item, the dimensions requested may vary up to 3%

Shipping USA

  • Delivery fees begin at $175
  • Any rug larger than 9x12 will be subject to $350 crating charge
  • All lead-times are for rug production only and do not include shipping. Freight times will vary depending on the product. Inquire within for details.
  • Shipping quotes are based on size and delivery address
  • Kravet Inc is not responsible for delivery delays due to causes beyond our control

Shipping CANADA

  • Delivery fees begin at $271.50
  • Any rug larger than 9x12 will be subject to $542.50 crating charge
  • All lead-times are for rug production only and do not include shipping. Freight times will vary depending on the product. Inquire within for details.
  • Shipping quotes are based on size and delivery address
  • Kravet Inc. is not responsible for delivery delays due to causes beyond our control

Balance Due

  • Remaining balance and freight are due prior to shipment


  • No cancellations are allowed once the order is in production


  • No returns are allowed without written authorization from Kravet Inc.
  • Defective rugs may be returned for a full refund or exchange


  • Kravet Inc. cannot be held responsible for damages that occur in transit, storage or delivery


  • Payment for unauthorized repairs will not be accepted.

Additional Documents included at the back of this price list

  • Inches to Feet Chart
  • Freights Charges
  • Payment by Fax Slip
  • Damage Claim Form
  • Cleaning & Care Guide